Thursday, October 2, 2008

"Tru Loved" (October 3rd, Clip Film Festival)

Tomorrow's Clip film, screening at 7 p.m., at the somewhat "fading queen," Tampa Theatre, is a light-hearted comedy of a teenage straight girl with gay parents who faces homophobia in a small town. A slew of issues are touched upon by this film in a way that reminds one of sitcoms' treatment of social issues: interracial dating, institutionalized homophobia, gay parenting, and provincial values, and so on. I saw this film, and found it fairly charming, if occasionally somewhat sentimental and slightly contrived. Some of the one-liners and jokes are a little predictable. It is definitely suitable for family viewing and for high school classroom instruction. Take a boyfriend, new "friend," lover, partner, and so on to this "date" film. If nothing else, you will have a few good laughs while you ogle at or neck with your companion. See truloved's site for information, and below for the trailer. 

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