Wednesday, October 15, 2008

To Get it Up, Get it Down

In an earlier posting, I wrote about how cycling creates numbness in the "land down under," a common enough challenge for many competitive and amateur cyclists. How can you avoid it? The excerpt below from a longer article suggests, among other steps, to lower the saddle "a little, removing weight from the seat, and tilting the saddle a little downward raising the perineal area off the saddle." The other recourse is to wear padded bike shorts and bike underwear---not a fashion statement for sure, but would you prefer to hurt the manhood instead? The article also recommends that "bike gloves are used to cushion the hands so more weight can be put on the hands and bike shoes are employed to keep the foot in the correct position and stop the heel from dropping, which may cause more weight to be transferred to the saddle. " Shifting one's position whilst riding also helps so that the genitalia stays "active." So maybe there is hope. I do enjoy cycling, but have been scared stiff, no pun intended, by all the supposedly unquestionable research on its effect on erectile dysfunction. See full version of article.

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