Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The Hate Legacy of Anita Bryant

Below is an excerpt from an article by United Press International. It reminds me of how draconian and mean-spirited the Florida law is toward not only gay parents, but also the children they hope to adopt. Thousands of foster children await adoption, many of them of a racial background that white heterosexuals sometimes do not care to adopt for cultural (and possibly racist) reasons. Gay men and women are willing and able to adopt many of these unwanted children and give them a loving home. So why deny them of a life-affirming upbringing? Of course, all this began in the 1970s when that infamous Anita Bryant, the singer, led a Religious Right movement to overturn anti-discrimination laws in this state that were designed to protect the civil rights of gays. This same fanatical movement unwittingly reignited the gay liberation movement across this country, a phenomena that is depicted in the new film, Milk starring Sean Pean. The film is set for worldwide release on December 5, though it has already began running on the west coast.

MIAMI, Oct. 27 (UPI) -- Supporters of gay adoptions are awaiting the decision of a Miami court that might provide a means of overturning a state law preventing gays from adopting. Under Florida law, gays and lesbians can be state-appointed foster parents or permanent guardians but cannot be adoptive parents.

Some states like Mississippi and Utah prevent unmarried couples from adopting but Florida statute 63.042 states: "No person eligible under this statute may adopt if that person is a homosexual."

The Florida case awaiting a court ruling involves Frank Martin Gill who seeks court approval to adopt his two foster sons.

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