Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Sex, Money, & Lies: The Tale of a Gay Candidate

Photo of Earl Rynerson, candidate for Fort Lauderdale mayor
Source: www.earlformayor.com

Fort Lauderdale, for those of you who have been living in the parched deserts of Africa, is of course the gay oasis in Florida. Circuit parties with free flowing booze and wild frenzy sex on the beaches seemingly is the dominant image of this city. I have never seen much of that, but then again, I am a goody good two shoes.

That said, it is, still, a boring city. No one really cares about politics in that town. At least, not the average gay man who worries more about his sagging behind, Clinique concealer, and the next "date" than does he of sewers and sewage.

So when a gay candidate running for mayor grabs headlines, then you know it's serious business or is it? Earl Rynerson, an openly gay man, apparently is the man under heavy scrutiny. Why?

First, he admits that he has refused to pay a number of bills for services rendered, ranging from a fence built for his house to a vacation in Africa. If you ask me, he sounds like a "drama queen" who is high maintenance. I say to him: Pay the bills and end the endless soap opera. After all, it's just money; give it to some poor contractors or service providers who need them rather than the go-go boys.

Second, reports have surfaced that he has subscribed to sex sites, including one geared for men into bondage. Frankly, none of this shocking to me. Most gay men have joined one site or another over a long gay lifetime. And if one has not, well, there is something wrong with him. He has never heard of the saying, "joining the herd."

He also tried to pass himself off as "Lt. Col. Earl Rynerson." Apparently, the man has not been in active duty for more than a decade, and military regulations dictate you cannot claim that rank in such circumstances. I say this is no big deal. The man obviously likes to play GI Joe. And gays always exaggerate anyways--it's either you are real young (when in fact, you are ten years older), real muscular (when in fact, you are actually stocky), or you are financially comfortable (when in fact, you are just making the ends meet).

So you see, life in gay old Fort Lauderdale is truly boring. In fact, gays everywhere are just like everyone--boring to the core, like all human beings. Click here for here an article on Rynerson.

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