Monday, January 26, 2009

If You Want to Grade Obama, Here is One Way

For those of you who are obsessed with keeping up with President Obama, well, here is one way of doing it without going crazy. Now, remember the "big" man made 500 promises or so during his presidential campaign. And so if you are a devoted fan, or critic (think Rush Limbaugh follower), you probably desire to know if he is going to keep all these promises, small or large, minor or major. So now courtesy of St Petersburg Times, you can now do so. Click here TEXT for the "Obameter," complete with a scorecard for all the promises kept so far (5), those compromised (1), those broken (none so far), those stalled (1), and those in the works (14). For the GLBT promises, they run from numbers 290 to 294, and so far, none of these have been kept. Dare we hope he will not throw us under the bus like Clinton did? Will he effect real change for the LGBT community? Or he will compromise so as to keep "mainstream America" as his bosom buddy?

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